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Modern Magickian is a fulltime practitioner who has received invitations to numerous magickal orders, including Black Dragon Immortalis, OTO and Damascus Shriners. He offers the following services:


Original hybrid reads not offered anywhere else. Includes a writeup, photos and video chat. 5-Star rated and privacy guaranteed.


Modern Magickian can demonstrate proven next-day and same-week results achieved through his ritual workings.

Receive one-on-one tuition from Modern Magickian, such as the ever-popular Shadow Chakra Course. Contact to arrange in-person offerings.


Monthly Magickal Mentoring is designed to focus your intention, assisting you with overcoming obstacles and achieving significant life goals.

5-Star Rated

You can expect extensive knowledge, attention to detail, compassion and encouragement from a reading with Mark. Anything he offers will always be done with integrity and quality. Our reading was accurate and insightful during a very turbulent time in my life. The events forecasted have in fact come to pass, admittedly to my surprise considering how far fetched they appeared. Needless to say, I’m pleased.

T. Black